The Wild Vines of Texas a Vineyard in East Texas - Watch us grow.

All about The Wild Vines of Texas

Find us in East Texas between Dallas and Tyler TX, South of Canton TX home of First Monday

Boer Goats, Border Collie, Great Pyrenees, Rhode Island Red, Buff Opingtons, Barr Rocks, Chickens,and Broad Breasted Turkeys

The Wild Vines of Texas is an East Texas Vineyard. We are located between Canton and Athens, TX.

We grow Concord, Petite Syrah, Villard Blanc, Gewurztraminer, and Vanessa for wine production. 

Our vineyard was started in Spring of 2006, with twenty-one different varieties as test plots. We have narrowed down to five primary varieties, but if needs arise we will add more. 

Villard Blanc is Pierce Disease resistant and produces a wine that is a hybrid from the French Chardonnay Variety in France. We are experimenting with several other varieties of grapes and monitor blending ability and reaction to the Texas Climate.

Please check back to see progress.

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